The “Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix signature” is born


But from today, the distance between myth and reality is shortened, thanks to the new proposal launched on the market by Fender: Stratocaster, the most beloved guitar, consumed and mistreated by Jimi, now takes its name and copies the characteristics of the instruments it has played, making them famous.

The originality of Hendrix guitars was born from the alteration: being left-handed, he had to take them apart and rebuild them to fit his hands, reversing the order of the strings. In this way the bass took up more space between rope and mechanics, generating more tension and therefore denser sounds. The cantina, on the other hand, with less surface area and less tension than that of any other guitar, determined the peculiarity of those bending and vibrato, which made it recognizable at first listening.

The same goes for the inverted bridge pickup, which paved the way for different harmonic colorings.

The Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster copies this chemical formula, offering the reverse palette, which gives more tension to the bass and less to the cantina, while the inverted American Vintage ’65 “gray bobbin” pickup allows a right-handed to sound like a left-handed.

Other features: alder body, maple neck and fretboard, 21 medium jumbo frets and 9.5 “bend radius, three vintage single-coil ’65” gray bobbin “pickups, one at the bridge with inverted angle; serigraphy on the junction and signature plate of Hendrix on the back of the pallet.

All for the modest sum of € 810, which makes the dream of every Hendrix accessible to every segment of the market: both professionals and very young ascetics.

Of course, a guitar and a coat of hair will not be enough to wear the skin of genius, but this guitar will give the opportunity to feel the Jimi Hendrix Experience in your hands: the thrill of playing backward, as possessed by a diabolical inspiration!

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