The 5 best musical studio keyboards


For this reason, I decided to select well- 5 keyboard suitable for beginners musicians. These are tools that are completely different from each other but that are equipped with all the most common features that musicians always look for in a musical keyboard. Obviously, I tried to put in the list those tools that presented a good quality/price ratio.


The Axus AXP25 digital keyboard is a musical instrument of great value very popular among beginners. It features 61 touch-sensitive keys that simulate a touch response similar to the one you would have with a real piano. The keyboard is very well maintained and has a wide range of instruments and accompaniment styles. It is therefore ideal for exploring the creative possibilities of an electronic piano.

  • Main features: 61 touch-sensitive keys, 32 polyphony notes, 300 voices and 200 styles. 100 songs and 10 demos. It includes a function that promotes self-learning and a collection of chords, a recording/playback tool and an integrated metronome.
  • Accessories: a DV12V power supply/transformer stabilized against overloads, short circuits, over temperatures and equipped with a music stand.
  • Particularly suitable for: the beginners who do not want to spend too much, for those who have a small house or musicians beginners who want to practice in silence.


Another key to great value, perfect for the beginner. To learn or not from the luminous keys thanks to the present function on a quest to what distinguishes youngest musicians from the children never been. The Casio LK -120 also has 12-note polyphony, 100 tones, 50 rhythms, and 100 internal songs, each with 3 lessons on which means there will never be bored and you will learn more something new. All this will be shown to you on an LCD screen so as to make the lessons even easier.

  • Main features: 61 standard keys that light up, 100 timbres, 50 built-in rhythms, 100 songs with 3 lessons per song, LCD screen, headphone input.
  • Accessories: headphones, while the AD- E95100 power supply is sold separately.
  • Particularly suitable for: young musicians, music therapy, silent practice, portability and first introduction to music.


The PSRE353 keyboard offers various opportunities not all budgets but also for all levels of expertise. It has 61 touch-sensitive keys, you just need to press them more or less intensely to increase or decrease the volume. In addition, the Yamaha Education Suite function makes this piano particularly suitable for beginners. And not only. This musical instrument can boast of 573 different voices and as many as 158 accompaniment styles, thus also winking at the most experienced musicians.

  • Main features: 61 touch-sensitive keys of the same size as those of a piano, 158 accompaniment styles and 573 instrumental voices from around the world, 150 different types of the arpeggio, the Yamaha Education Suite function, a powerful speaker system, USB connectivity, and a headphone input.
  • Accessories: the power supply and the lectern are included in the price. They are also d disponibility headphones and support.
  • Particularly suitable that engineers, the youngest musicians and for all those who love the different functions that an electronic keyboard can offer. Perfect for teaching, the small spaces and for portability.


If there ever were a keyboard capable of meeting the needs of a novice musician, this could be the Casio CTK – 6200. In fact, this instrument is equipped with 61 touch-sensitive keys and a natural sound quite similar to that of a piano. In short, it is the ideal keyboard for those who intend to buy a real piano in the future. It is an extremely versatile instrument, it has 700 tones and 210 accompaniment rhythms, of Bassreflex speakers, an audio input for CD or MP3 player and a 17-track sequencer.

  • Main features: 61 piano-style keys, 700 orchestral tones, and the tone editor, 210 accompaniment rhythms including 10 new ethnic styles, LCD screen, pitch bend wheel, audio input for connection to a CD or MP3 player, socket for headphones, 17-track sequencer.
  • Accessories: a music stand and a power supply are supplied. Headsets and support can be purchased separately.
  • Particularly suitable for: beginners looking for a professional sound, songwriting, recording, portability and small spaces.


This keyboard is perfect for all those (including children) who want to start playing the piano but have no intention of spending a fortune or do not have much space available. It is a tool halfway between a keyboard and a stage piano. It has 76 flat style keys with touch response (Graded Soft Touch). everyone design and the sound completely identical to that of a piano will amaze everyone . It comes with a power supply but also works with 6 AA batteries, which means you can take it anywhere! It ‘also has a 10 different sounds, 10 demos for piano, USB connectivity, and a transposer function.

  • Main features : new Grand Piano stereo sound , slim design , 76 flat style keys with touch response (Graded Soft Touch), 64 polyphony notes , 10 sounds , built-in metronome , works with both the adapter and the batteries , USB Host , input for headphones and for the transformer ,the connection adapter and connectivity: sustain pedal.
  • Accessories: Comes with a music stand and a power supply and can be purchased in 2 different colors: white or black. And ‘ available a package with a double support and headphones.
  • Particularly suitable for: an aspiring pianist who has no intention of spending a fortune or who needs a portable keyboard. It ‘also perfect for novice musicians who are looking for a keyboard from the more classic style.

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