The 10 Best Carpets for Percussion Drums


If you are an experienced musician, you surely recognize the importance of having the best carpet for drums when playing concerts, rehearsals and jamming sessions.

A simple mat can guarantee that your musical performance lives up to the circumstances because it is responsible for keeping the entire battery kit stable and still during the presentation.

Do not wait to complete your clothing, buying a percussion rug will only bring benefits to your musical career.

To help you choose the most convenient carpet we present our comparative list of products, a great selection with the best options in the market.

Here is the list with the best drum rug :

1. Carpet for MDR-BK Meinl Percussion Battery

It includes a bag to carry it

We present a great rug to offer protection and stability to your percussion kit. It has dimensions of 160x200cm. It has a rubberized back surface to prevent the equipment from sliding.

It is made of materials of excellent quality and durability. It comes in a classic black color that will look amazing on any stage.

2. Carpet for ROLAND TDM-25 Battery 

Made of non-flammable materials

It is a rug for lightweight, sturdy and non-slip drummersIt has been made with a reinforced polyester fabric and is equipped with special filaments in the base to prevent it from sliding.

Storing and transporting it is very simple, you just have to roll it on itself and secure it with the special support strap.

3. Carpet for Stagg Battery SCADRU1815

Non-slip surface

You’ll love adding this fabulous rug to your percussion instrument accessory kit.

The Stagg brand offers a design made of polyester with a thickness of 5 mm and dimensions of 180 × 150 cm. It is the perfect mat to protect the floor and prevent your drum drums from slipping during the concert.

4. Carpet for Pearl Battery PPB-KCP5

Solid and durable construction

It will be the perfect carpet for those musicians who have a compact drum kit. It has been made of resistant polypropylene fabric, the design has a thick rubber lining in the corners to prevent the assembly from moving.

It includes a special bag to store it and make transport easier.

5.  Carpet for Rockbag Battery  RB22200B

With reinforced edges

If you are looking for an economic and good quality model, you will love this design! The mat has dimensions of 160 × 200 cm, ideal for mounting a drum set with the double drum.

It has a protected base that prevents the movement of the instrument while offering protection to the most vulnerable dreams.

6. Carpet for ONSTAGE DMA6450 Battery 

Lightweight and sturdy design

It is a true wonder! Made of PVC, it gives percussionists the perfect combination of quality, functionality, and durability.

It is a light and convenient alternative, unlike heavy traditional rugs. It provides a wide and safe surface to assemble the drum set. In addition, it comes with a carrying bag.

7. Carpet for Crash Pearl Battery 

Made with polypropylene

It has dimensions of 168 × 137 cm. It has reinforced edges and a special rubber on the backside that prevents slipping. The design has a special wooden bumper that fixes the drum’s main drum.

It is available in a classic black color and is accompanied by a bag with handles for easy storage and transport.

8. Carpet Drums Drum Teppich Fame

Excellent relationship between price and quality

It is the cheapest model of our selection and a great option to complement your musical accessories. It has a lightweight and durable design, it also offers a large surface area of ​​200x160cm.

It has special and non-slip rubbers that guarantee the support of the carpet and the instrument. Available in black color.

9. Carpet for Meinl Cymbals MDR-ZB Battery 

Fun and quality design

If you are an avant-garde musician, you will love this design! The animal print style of this mat will look amazing on any stage, it has dimensions of 200 × 160 cm to provide the ideal surface for any percussion set.

The back has a special rubber cover that prevents movement. It includes a nice and resistant bag to carry it comfortably.

10. Carpet for MDR-OR Meinl Percussion Battery 

Reinforced fabric

It is a design inspired by the beautiful rugs of the Middle East. This rug has a surface of 200 × 160 cm, has a non-slip back rubber and a reinforced fabric that gives the design durability and performance.

It is not designed to be exposed to water. It has a rope made of velcro to wind and transport it easily.

Advantages of using a carpet for batteries

Non-slip surface

The main advantage of a percussion mat is Stability. When the drummers do not use a carpet under the instrument they have a bad time, since the action of playing causes the drums to slide farther and farther away from the musician, so the performer is forced to be adjusting the percussion set every Few minutes.

This scenario can be easily avoided, by using a good percussion mat.

Noise reduction

A carpet for batteries that has a considerable thickness can help reduce the noise levels generated by playing the instrument.

This feature is useful for musicians rehearsing in residential places or with noise restrictions.

What consideration to consider when choosing a carpet for batteries?


Polypropylene and PVC are the main manufacturing materials. Be sure to choose a rug that has a solid and durable construction.

Slip protection

It is the most important factor of all because it determines how good your performance will be when playing the instrument. Make sure that the chosen carpet has an optimal and effective non-slip system.

The best designs feature the back completely covered by a rubber surface.


It will always be better for you on the carpet to be missing. You must be very attentive to the dimensions of the chosen model, remember that they must be compatible with the dimensions of your percussion set. When in doubt, it will be best to choose the highest grade design.

Soil type

It is important to consider the floors of the places where you are going to play your drum set. Many platforms and stages have a floor with smooth and slippery surfaces, for these cases, it is best to have a safe carpet that gives you all the stability possible.


If you spend it on the route, traveling constantly it will be advisable to choose a light and easy to transport equipment, without these characteristics detract from it.

Choose a carpet completely covered on the backside, that detail provides more durability to the mat.

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