Which TEFL Jobs Include Free Return Airfare?

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One of the great benefits of being hired from overseas is that you will have a good chance of being offered the cost of your return airfare as part of your contract. This is usually only included if you are signing a contract for twelve months, basically because the business would perhaps make a loss by offering it to an employee who was only working for a few months.

Make the most of this great offer because, as you may find out later, had you been hired locally (i.e. if you were already in the country) then you almost certainly would not have received this great benefit, regardless of your teaching qualifications and experience.

Bear in mind that in most cases you will have to pay for your own airfare initially, and then 50% will be refunded to you upon arrival and the remaining 50% refunded to you later in the year at an agreed time (specified in the contract itself). If you leave your job earlier than agreed on the contract then you will usually forfeit the second 50%.

Asia and the Middle East are the two main regions of the world in which you are most likely to be offered the cost of airfare as part of your contract. It won’t be a first class ticket – just a regular economy class one. This is the norm in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates. Some of the poorer or less-developed countries in these regions, such as Cambodia, Tunisia and Jordan, usually do not have many regular language centres or schools that can afford to offer this.

Free airfare is not common in Latin America or in most European countries although in Turkey and Russia it is a possibility. As stated above, if you are hired locally, as is usually the case in Latin America and many European countries, then you are rarely considered eligible for this great benefit.

If you have any queries about this issue, be sure to ask your potential Director of Studies for more details and, better still, request that you can speak to current and previous teachers from the school you are going to work at. They will hopefully answer all of your queries in an honest manner and from the perspective of someone very much like yourself.

If you Director of Studies or Officer Manager refuses to put you in touch with another employee (past or present) then be very careful. Think why this might be the case. Do you really believe that the school will refund your airfare if the DoS is not even willing to put you in touch with another employee? If you have any doubt as to the integrity of the organisation you are dealing with then you are advised to look at the many other TEFL job opportunities out there.

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