Terms & Conditions


    • We hope that World of TEFL Recruitment will be able to help you find a TEFL/ESL job which is ideal for you. Most teachers have an amazing time abroad and cherish the memories for as long as they live. Predictably, and for a variety of reasons, some teachers do not end up enjoying the TEFL experience. World of TEFL Recruitment will not be held responsible for any unsatisfactory teaching experiences embarked upon as a result of job adverts or advice from this website as this is an issue to deal with directly with your employer. World of TEFL Recruitment does not sign any contracts with teachers it helps find positions for.
    • World of TEFL Recruitment prides itself on being highly ethical so any feedback on jobs we have advertised or recruited for is more than welcome and will be analysed in detail.
    • Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of vacancies are for Native Speakers only. This is not our decision or choice. It means you need a passport from UK, Ireland, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, or, in many cases, South Africa. Each country has its own set of policies which change on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to do a little research on this matter in order to help focus your job search on realistic locations. Also bear in mind that things are likely to improve as time goes on for non-natives.
    • World of TEFL Recruitment never charges candidates any fees. In many cases, we are a free advice service. Upon successful placement we usually receive a small payment from the local recruiter or school. All that goes on between you as a prospective and/or actual employee and your employer and/or agency is the business of those parties alone. World of TEFL is not to be regarded as a third party mediation entity although we endeavour to help when we can.
    • If you are offered a job via World of TEFL Recruitment, you are encouraged to ask the employer for a letter of reference from a current or recent employee.
    • It can sometimes be difficult to get a clear idea of just how much your salary in local currency is in US Dollars or British Pounds Sterling, for example. For currency conversions, please visit XE.com for an up-to-date currency conversion.


    • We hope that World of TEFL Recruitment will be able to assist you in finding excellent candidates to fill your vacant teaching roles. Please make sure you specify exactly what the requirements are, start date, location, additional benefits, and so on, in order that this can be communicated clearly to prospective candidates.
    • Upon successful placement, recruitment fees are due to be paid no later than 30 days after the contract start date. Failure to do so will result in suspension of service until the matter is resolved.
    • World of TEFL does not accept misleading advertisements. This includes adverts which offer a paid TEFL-related course at the end of which employment may or may not be arranged and links to other jobs sites rather than individual vacancies. In the former case, unless end-of-course positions are 100% guaranteed World of TEFL may well decline the advert submission.

Privacy policy: All correspondence between World of TEFL Recruitment and both local recruiters and jobseekers is strictly confidential. For candidates, we only share your application documents with a local recruiter or school when you have agreed to be put forward for a teaching position. We operate in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.