TEFL Certificates

1. University of Toronto TEFL Certificate

Enrolling in the University of Toronto’s TEFL Online course is the first step towards a career teaching and traveling overseas.

The University of Toronto’s TEFL certification offers teachers the choice of three TEFL courses: a 100-hour course, a 120-hour course, or a 150-hour course.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is world-renowned for academic excellence: the QS World University Rankings recently ranked the university 13th in the world for Education instruction and 19th for overall academic quality.

The University of Toronto’s online TEFL certification reflects an academic standard that is recognized globally by ministries of education, private institutions, and international universities.

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2. Buenos Aires TEFL

Buenos Aires TEFL Certificate Program in Argentina

Buenos Aires TEFL stands apart from the rest as the number 1 destination for TEFL Training in Latin America and for learning Spanish for several reasons. We have successfully placed our TEFL graduates in English Teaching Jobs for the last ten years in Argentina and worldwide and we have listened to what students want and need, and so we have created a program which is engaging for both the TEFL trainee and the Spanish student.Our professors, who are all highly skilled, multi-lingual and experienced, are dedicated to helping students meet their language goals. In addition to this, Buenos Aires TEFL is the most renowned school in Buenos Aires. You simply cannot find a better quality school in Argentina or Latin America.

Why Buenos Aires TEFL Course?
Through our program,  you can get an English Teaching Job in Buenos Aires and Worldwide and job offers in Argentina, Chile, all of Latin America,  and online!

Be a step ahead from your competitors. Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires,  improve your skills and speed up your worldwide job search.

With this International Diploma, you can work anywhere in the world. You can teach English in Buenos Aires, Latin America or Worldwide.

We can guarantee a job for a year or two Worldwide. You would need to be committed to the job and have lots of productive energy.

3. Introduction to the Theory and Principles of TEFL (coming in 2018)

4. Diploma in the Theory and Principles of TEFL (coming in 2018)

5. Advanced Diploma in the Theory and Principles of TEFL (coming in 2018)