Teaching English in Mongolia

Mongolia Overview

Despite Mongolia lying thousands of kilometres from English-speaking countries, the demand for English tuition is growing rapidly as interest in Russian declines somewhat. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer in more rural parts of the country but most of the paid teaching positions are in Ulaanbaatar.

Type of Institution Typical salary (USD/month) Typical hours Typical annual leave
State schools 800 – 1,200 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday plus some weekend work 2 weeks plus national holidays
Language centres 1,000 – 1,500 Various but usually requiring weekend and evening shifts 3 weeks plus national holidays
International schools 2,000 upwards 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday plus some weekend work 6-8 weeks plus national holidays

Main places for jobs


Typical requirements

Degree, TEFL certificate.

The University of Toronto TEFL Online - Internationally Recognized


1. Many teachers suggest that finding work outside of Ulaanbaatar is preferable. Try looking for openings in Darkhan and Sukhbaatar.

2. Mongolian English-language media are growing in number and it may be worth inquiring about offering your English skills to local newspapers and magazines.

3. Take extra care when walking alone after dark in Ulaanbaatar as crimes against foreigners sometimes happen.

Red tape

It is best to arrive on a tourist visa and let your employer arrange your work permit once you are in Mongolia. If you come with a letter of invitation from an employer then you may have problems leaving the country without their permission.

Cost of living

Transportation is cheap but the overcharging of foreigners is common. Accommodation costs are low but it is best to request help and advice from your employer. Food and drink are cheap and there is a good range of restaurants in Ulaanbaatar catering to different tastes and budgets.

Tax and salary information

Tax should be paid on a monthly basis and is usually the responsibility of your employer.


A growing demand for English tuition Ulaanbaatar is not the easiest or most beautiful city in which to live but there are a few paid positions in more rural areas
There may be some opportunities to use your English skills as a proof-reader and editor in Ulaanbaatar Some visitors complain of racism and corruption
A surprisingly good range of food is available in Ulaanbaatar Beware of walking alone at night in Mongolian cities

Directory of Recommended Schools, Language Centres and Recruitment Agencies

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  1. Dylan says:

    Looking to teach English in Mongolia, outside Ulaanbaatar. I have been teaching English in China for the past three years at all levels but mostly college. I am fairly fluent in speaking and reading Chinese, as I have studied in Beijing, but I am certified to teach Chinese.

  2. lilimuru says:

    hi, im also looking to teach English in Mongolia outside of ulaanbaatar, any names or contact details of schools? thanks!

  3. Username* says:

    Hi. We are looking for English teacher(native speaker) in Mongolia. (salary:15-25$ /40 minutes) Tel:976-88055027

  4. shakil ul hasnain bhatti says:

    shakil here, and i m graduate and i m also doing PGD in TEFL and i can speak very excellent English, i worked in Dubai in different banks and now English is as my first language and i m looking for a job as English teacher in Azerbaijan.if there anybody please help me and i m ready to send my Resume. looking forward to hear from you. you can email me on


    or just sms or text me on 00923126687075.




  5. Username* says:

    English teachers native speakers of English needed for corporate training unit. Preferable: experience teaching Cambridge English Interchange and Passages programs, CELTA certificate, as well as proven record of past achievements.

    Call 976-88105153

  6. Alex says:

    Experienced (over 30 years) and qualified B.Ed (TESOL), M.ED (TEFL)Australian national, male. have taught military, aviation, university foundations courses, teacher training, IELTS, corporate and secondary school.
    Interested in coming to Mongolia. Please advise.

    • Bold says:

      Alex, a semi-military organization is willing to hire TEFL instructors for corporate courses. Please give me a ring if you’re interested. Tel: +976-7011-2463

  7. Julie says:

    Looking to teach or work in Mongolia for summer of 2014. I have a TEFL certification and experience at junior college level.

    • Nomin says:

      Can u give me your email address. So we can contact.

    • Jargal says:

      Dear Julie,
      Our company(information and technology)has 25 person – Except 1 old man all young guys. We are looking for english teacher and worker in our company. Our requirements are:
      – Stay in offic whole day.
      – Talk with our engineers and other anyone of our company.

      Our director knows english well. He told me that please find foregn guy who can work with us for teaching english.
      My phone number is 99097237. You can call me our send email. And anyone can call me who interest to be our colleague.


  8. kurt says:

    hi all,have been teaching in public school from kindergarden to grade 9 in public school.Besides teaching exp i also have a BA in english,regards kurt

    • Eagle says:

      Hi Kurt, we are hiring a native English speaking teachers for 12k students in the city of Erdenet, out of Ulaanbaatar.

  9. Bold says:

    Anyone interested in teaching English in Ulaanbaatar can contact +976-7011-2463. or e-mail me at uboldm@gmail.com.

  10. DustyRhodes says:

    I’m interested in teaching ESL in UB or maybe Erdenet. I spent 2 years in UB in the early 1990s. I’m available in May 2014 but may come for a visit in February 2014.

  11. DustyRhodes says:

    sorry, my email address is dustyrhodes.45 at gmail.com Thanks.

  12. mcShakesy says:

    Hi, my name is Sean McGann. I am a TEFL certified teacher with almost two years experience inNepal,Georgia and Korea. I finish my contract in Korea and would like to find work in Mongolia, preferably outside UB. If there are any openings I would love to hear.

  13. mcShakesy says:

    My email address is seanmcgannis@hotmail.com.

    I would also like to start working anytime after July 2014.

  14. Username* says:

    Hi, I have completed my CELTA with the British Council. I am from India and looking for teaching opportunities in Mongolia. My email id is karina.mendonca@gmail.com

  15. betty says:

    I am an over 10-year english teaching experience and and a TEFL certified.

    My english is very beautiful.

    if you are interested, leave a message.

  16. Noelle says:

    I’m an American citizen, soon to be college graduate and interested in working outside Ulaanbaatar. I would be available anytime after July 2014. Any information would be appreciated.

  17. Minjee says:

    I speak both English and Mongolian interested to get teaching job in Mongolia. Lived and worked in USA and Canada for all my life. Highly skilled in local and conversational English, translator and interpreter skills. Any suggestion where I can look for teaching job to suite my skills? I am currently in Canada but plan to go Mongolia this summer and stay there for a while. Thanks

  18. DreamBig12 says:


    I’m in search for a grand place to teach English in Mongolia!

    I’m looking to start in April or May!

    Please email me at Dreambig2009@hotmail.com

    About me: fun, enthusiast, adventurer, artist, dreamer!

  19. Bharat Pd. Neupane says:

    This is Bharat Neupane from Nepal having Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature. I have been teaching English since 2009 in Nepal and want to develop career in academia. I’m looking forward to work in international setting, especially Taiwan, Mongolia and China. If there is any possibility you can ring me at +9779851058828 or email me at nyaupane.bharat@gmail.com. Im fluent in speaking and have very good writing. Thanks.

  20. Bharat Pd. Neupane says:

    if you wish to find me in facebook u can find me through nyaupane.bharat@gmail.com. Im highly interested in teaching English in international schools or colleges. Currently i have been teaching to the students of Higher Secondary and Bachelor’s Degree. Feel free to write or speak to me. Thanks.

  21. Am Frankline.am fluent in english both speaking,writing and teaching.wish to impact my english skills in any of the schools in mongolia.contact me through my email: spakofrankline@yahoo.com says:

    Am Frankline.am fluent in english language.wish to teach english language in mongolia.my email: spakofrankline@yahoo.com

  22. Hello,

    My Name Is Moses, and I am an American from New York City, New York. I was born and raised here. I am also a Native English speaker, with a TESL certificate from Advanced Learning LLC. I am graduating with my Associates Degree in the Summer. I also have about four years experience, in teaching ESL.

    You can contact me at: mosescaballero@me.com


    Skype Handle: moetheawesometutor

  23. chuda says:

    Hello, I am Chuda prasad Bastakoti, from Nepal. I am an English Teacher . I have been teaching English for 10+ years in Secondary and Higher Secondary Level schools in Nepl . I m An M.Ed. in English and M.Phil in Education.
    I wish to work as an English teacher in Mongolia.
    Could you let me know whether I could find the job there.
    Pls. My Mobile No is 977-9841404946

  24. Artur says:


    I lived and taught ESL in China for 9 years. I am a US citizen, fluent in Mandarin Chinese (MA in Chinese as a Foreign Language Education in Dalian)with an MA degree in classical literature and history (University of Illinois). I am also fairly fluent in Russian. I am hoping to find a university teaching position in Mongolia. I taught university classes in US for three years and then also two more years in China. If interested, please get in touch: kallaykyon@yahoo.com

  25. PATRICK says:


    I am looking for teaching opportunities in Mongolia or international business development support position. I have a very strong background in teaching and international business dealing with Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and the US market. I am a US citizen born and raised and speak Chinese and French.

    Any suggestions please email me at patcarmody@lycos.com

    I love Mongolia I once spent 1 month there traveling. I stayed at Ghana’s Gerr.

    Thanks Patrick

  26. JW says:


    I am looking for an English teaching job in Mongolia. I am a native English speaker, American, 30 years old, B.A. degree, with six years of teaching experience (2 years in Mongolia). I also speak some Mongolian.

    I am most interested in jobs located in Erdenet, Darkhan, or other cities outside UB.

    Please email joeluq83@gmail.com to contact me. Thank you.

  27. Mario says:

    Subject: Application for Teaching English position/Administrator
    Available: Immediately

    I’m Canadian citizen, hold Master of English & 3 teaching TESOL, PGCE & RSA certificates, bilingual English & Arabic instructor / lecturer. I’ve a long ESL/EFL teaching experience in Canada, Middle East, Korea and Saudi Arabia, which makes me very comfortable working with different kinds of people of all ages and expert in English Preparatory Year Program to better prepare students for university study …. I’m inquisitive, very energetic, dependable, and self-motivated. I’ve worked & lived in several Arab States and Asian countries & can approach issues / problems from different cultural perspectives.

    My special interest in academic management and teaching has arisen from my background in both the corporate and the academic worlds. Having taught and managed English Language Programs in South Korea, my experience has emerged principally from developing English Language Courses and from executing such programs in the classroom. My methodology has been developed upon the notions of confidence and the empowerment of language.

    I have served in the capacity of teacher & Head Teacher in Korea & also I established and managed schools in South Korea as well. My 20 years of International teaching experiences in Canada, South Korea, Kuwait, and in Saudi Arabia have inspired a simple philosophy: I seek to instill confidence in my students with a humorous and understanding attitude.

    If you are seeking a talented individual who stays abreast of his field as English Instructor & Business Management lecturer, who understands how to teach, who earns 100% students & Management supports, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer.

    My resume will be sent on request for your information & consideration. Appreciate your time for reading this material, and I am looking forward to hearing from you in this regard, thanks.

    With respect,
    Mario Mo
    Canadian TESOL Consultant
    Cell: +62 81284736830

  28. http://www.keytomongolia. com has a list of current English teaching job openings in Mongolia. Prospective teachers may also post short “job wanted” postings there by emailing keytomongolia@mail.com.

    If your school is seeking English teachers, and you would like to post a free job ad, please send an email to the above address.


  29. Gladys says:

    I am seeking a teaching occupation to teach English in UB! Kindly contact me via email at s28329742@gmail.com or call me at +97694262982 .

    Gladys !

  30. Scott says:

    I am looking for a English Teaching Position in Mongolia outside of UB. I can start ASAP. I have just completed a Teacher and Educator Course at Harvard University where I earned Certifications. I have a BA and a 120 hour advanced TESOl/TEFL.

    I have a State of Indiana Teachers License in the US along with an Instructors Certification from the US Government.

    I was born and raised in Chicago in the US.

    I can be reached at

    Or on Skype at scottlamberes.


  31. Greg says:

    I am interested in Mongolia and would prefer a city outside of Ulaanbaatar.

    My email address is seekerato@gmail.com

  32. Amber says:

    My name is Amber, I am a 26 year old Australian female currently working and living in Japan.

    I have been wanting to visit Mongolia for quite some years now, and to allow myself to stay within the country for an extended period of time I have been considering an English teaching position.

    I do not hold any conventional teaching experience, however I believe I hold many skills and experiences related to teaching.
    I am a native English speaker and have completed a 120 hour TEFL course.
    I have had 2.5 years experience as a tour guide, which has provided me with the skills required to effectively communicate, teach, entertain and facilitate activities for large groups of international travellers.
    I have a pleasant accent and a good use of the English language. I present myself in a professional and welcoming manner.
    I have had experience facilitating workshops for both children and adults in various environments.
    I am a keen and fast learner.

    With these personal attributions at hand I have considered myself a good candidate for a TEFL-TESL position and am now simply enquiring about vacant positions or other requirements.

    Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

    I thank you for your time.

  33. zrrichardson says:

    Hello, I am a native English speaker in the US with a bachelor’s in Linguistics with emphasis in TESL/TEFL. I am very interested in teaching in Mongolia, especially Erdenet or Darkhan and was wondering if anyone on here had any contacts in those places for people in need of English teachers? Thank you

  34. Bahiangypsy says:

    I am a Native English speaker from Cape Town, South Africa. I completed a 120hr Tefl course in Thailand,where I lived and taught at various for close to 3yrs. I was the English Co Ordinator for our Foreign Language Department to liaise objectives,grievances and queries to Head of English. I have experience in facilitating workshops to students and adults in various environments. I am now enquiring about any vacancies you might have available for Jan 2016 onwards. I mostly taught Conversational English but excelled in teaching Science at a private school.Any information would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to reply. My email is shaway6@gmail.com

  35. Osvaniur says:


    I am looking for an English teaching job in Mongolia, no preference for any specific city. I am a near native English speaker, Cuban, 32 years old, B.A. degree in Russian Language and Literature from the University of Havana, 3 years of teaching experience (in Turkey). I can double as a Spanish or Russian language teacher as well.

    Please email osvaniur@gmail.com to contact me.

  36. Oleg Ochgor says:

    Hi, I am looking for an English and German teaching jobs in Mongolia. I am a near native English and German speaker. I am a Russian citizen with the proper liguistic diploma issued 1980 in Moscow and I have a certificate in TESOL similar to TEFL got in London 2004.
    My email: ochgor@yandex.ru

  37. Antony minj says:

    I’m an indian. Looking for a job as english teacher. I have MA degree in english.

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