Teaching English in Lebanon

Lebanon Overview

One of the more culturally diverse countries in the region, Lebanon is known as the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’. There are a number of paid teaching opportunities but TEFL salaries are rather low and teaching resources are minimal. Local people are said to be very welcoming and helpful and, despite the occasional dangers in the country, Lebanon is a fascinating place to live in.

Type of Institution Typical salary (USD/month) Typical hours Typical annual leave
State school 500 – 1,000 7am – 4pm Monday to Friday 4 weeks plus national holidays
Language centres 500 – 1,000 Various shifts including evening and weekend work 2 weeks plus national holidays
Local universities 1,000 upwards 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday 6 weeks plus national holidays
International schools 2,000 upwards 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday┬áplus some weekend work 10 weeks plus national holidays

Main places for jobs


Typical requirements

Degree, TEFL certificate, 1-2 years experience

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1. Experienced teachers and examiners are advised to look for teacher training openings at the British Council as these are by far the best paid positions for those without a Masters Degree.

2. Teachers without experience may consider volunteering in Lebanon at first in order to make contacts and gain an understanding of the country.

3. Be sure to negotiate with potential employers regarding the availability of free or subsidised accommodation.

Red tape

Work permits can be arranged after you arrive in Lebanon. This makes perfect sense as most interviews are walk-in.

Cost of living

Food and transport costs are low. Accommodation prices vary depending on your budget and preferred location.

Tax and salary information

Where applicable, income tax is normally paid monthly by your employer. You should receive your salary on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in your contract.


Fascinating, diverse country of beautiful architecture and landscapes Few paid openings for those without previous experience, contacts or postgraduate qualifications
Friendly local people and fabulous local cuisine Certain areas of Lebanon are dangerous and travel to those is not advisable. Check before you go.
Excellent cuisine and music The cultural differences associated with living in a Middle Eastern nation may be a shock to the inexperienced

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