Teaching English in Iran

Iran Overview

Iran has never been a popular TEFL destination but opportunities are growing, especially in private language institutes. Those without experience or knowledge of Iran would be wise to volunteer in the country in the short-term and make contacts and assess the situation in the meantime. Most local Iranians are very pleasant people but the dangers associated with being a foreigner in Iran are considerable so be aware of this before making a decision to accept the offer of a contract. It helps enormously if you already have contacts in Iran.

Type of Institution Typical salary (USD/month) Typical hours Typical annual leave
Language centres 500 – 1,500 Various shifts 2 weeks plus national holidays
International schools 3,000 upwards 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday plus some weekend work 10 weeks plus national holidays

Main places for jobs


Typical requirements

Degree, TEFL certificate, 1-2 yrs exp.

The University of Toronto TEFL Online - Internationally Recognized


1. Stay abreast of political developments and register with your embassy to notify them of your address in Iran.

2. American English and pronunciation seems to be favoured here so Americans and Canadians are probably more likely to find the positions with the best salaries.

3. Those with a knowledge of Farsi language are at a great advantage and it would be advisable for anyone considering working here to start learning before arriving in Iran.

Red tape

Work permits must be arranged to work legally. This can take several weeks and must be done in conjunction with your employer.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Iran is low but security is a major issue. Clearly, security is worth spending money on but speak to your prospective employer regarding accommodation as part of the contract package.

Tax and salary information

You should receive your salary on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in your contract.


Growing demand for English tuition An unstable nation at present
Friendly, eager students Poor pay for those without previous teaching experience
Less competition from other TEFL teachers The cultural differences associated with living in a Muslim-majority nation may be a shock to the inexperienced

Directory of Recommended Schools, Language Centres and Recruitment Agencies

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  1. hf74474 says:

    Dear Sir,
    If there is still an opening in international schools, I reckon I am a very suitable candidate. In case there is an opening, I am willing to apply for the job.
    Best regards
    Hassan Fazlali

  2. My qualifications include the following:

    1. 11 years’ experience (2000-2011) as ESL teacher (writing and conversation), editor, and writer at Tongsoong Linguatech and its publishing division, Lingua Forum, in Seoul, Korea.
    2. Contributed as writer and editor to hundreds of ESL and TOEFL prep books at Lingua Forum. Extensive knowledge of TOEFL.
    3. Author of more than 20 published books from US and Korean publishers, including one on Yahoo Korea bestseller list in 2002. Also have had articles in the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, and many other leading US publications.
    4. BA with distinction, University of Virginia, 1973.
    5. More than 200 hours’ classroom experience in Korea.

    What would be my prospects for finding an ESL teaching position in Iran, please? My age is 61. Thank you.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Patrick Woodcock. I am a Canadian teacher and writer with over 10 1/2 years of ESL experience. I am currently working in Azerbaijan. My contract in Baku ends in December 2013. I am currently looking for work in Iran beginning January 2014. I have taught every age and every level and would greatly appreciate the chance to work in your country. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at allthehuskies@gmail.com and I will respond immediately and send you a more updated CV.

    Kindest Regards

    Patrick Woodcock

    • Username* says:

      Dear William,
      I’m an English teacher in Iran(Isfahan).Isfahan is the second biggest city in Iran after Tehran.I am teaching these days and I can help you to look for a job in my city Isfahan. At least you can visit Iran beauty in my city if you come to Iran. Please feel free to ask me more questions if you want.
      My Email address is ahmad_aghdaei@yahoo.com
      You can also search my name “Ahmad Aghdaei” in Google to see my CV.

      • Wahida binti Shabudin says:

        I work for the Ministry of Education as an English teacher in Malaysia. I have been teaching in high school for 21 years and now i would like to teach English in Iran. How’s that possible? Thank you for your time.

  4. jtigue says:

    I am a certified high school teacher. I am interested in teaching English and History in Iran. If anyone can help please contact me. Thank you for your time.

  5. Ms. Parvaneh Saatchi says:


    For the last 19 years, I have been a high school math, physics, junior science, and ESL teacher in Vancouver, Canada. I was born in Iran, immigrated with my family to Canada in 1973 when I was nine years old. I speak, read and write my mother tongue, Farsi. I would like to spend my two months of summer holiday teaching in remote parts of the country where children would not otherwise get any schooling. Ideally, in the two months that I have these students I would make a program that would give them a basic and varied education around reading, writing, math and science. I would be doing this for personal fulfilment so I am not seeking a salary but would appreciate accommodations. I have family in Tehran but my purpose would be to spend my time teaching. I would like to spend a few summers with one group of students and then perhaps change and take another group in a different location. I want my work to be as efficient and wide spread as possible given that I need to return to my regular teaching job in Canada every September.

    Please let me know if you or any other organization would be interested in my offer.

    Ms. Parvaneh Saatchi

  6. Bahar says:

    I’m one of your hometown, I’m going to know if i can find a tefl job abroad like: Turkey,Middle east,Dubai , or not. Can you help me
    I live in Iran .and also I have a tefl certificate and also I passed this course in Paris in 2013.

    Best regards,

  7. Somaiyeh says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I have got master degree in Practice of English Language Teaching from UK. I have six years experience in English language teaching. I will appreciate if you give me the chance to show my communication skills in your teaching area.

  8. Emilio Talayero says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Emilio Talayero. I am from Mexico and have been an ESL teacher for almost 7 years. I’m currently working in China, bit my contract finshes next July. I would love to have the chance to teach in Iran, specially Ispahan. I have teaching experiencein any level and students age. If you have need any more information , please feel free to contact me at emiliotalayero@gmail.com Looking forward to heard from you soon.


    Emilio Talayero

  9. John Shaw says:

    Teaching English as A Foreign Language: Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA, World.

    Posted By: John Peter Shindel Gobin Shaw  

    Date: May 28, 2014

    Resume: John G. Shaw, BLS TEFL.

    E-MAIL: jpsgs@rocketmail.com   

    US: 1-772-485-9844

    DOB: November 10, 1949.

    Nationality: American.

    Date of availability—Unspecified. Traveling from the United States. Recruited from the United States.

    I have taught English to students in the USA, in South Korea, in China, and in the Middle East for nearly ten years. I am an American, 63, with the degree of bachelor of liberal studies, a six month diploma in teaching English as a foreign language, and certification in ESL. The six month diploma course of study included five months of volunteer work in a second-language lab at a local high school in Florida. Other courses included educational psychology, lifespan psychology, measurement and testing of students of EFL, social foundations of education, the history of the English language, language acquisition, methodologies, historical approaches to second language teaching, curriculum development, classroom management, and a special one and a half year study of TEFL culminating in my writing a 270 page manuscript on the subject.


    Bachelor of Liberal Studies from Barry University in 1989. GPA 3.85 out of 4.0. Honors graduate. Barry is a private, fully accredited, liberal arts university located in Miami Shores, Florida.

    Certification in ESL from Martin County Literacy Council in 1995. This resulted from a series of workshops and classes to become a registered tutor in EFL / ESL in Stuart, Florida.

    Diploma in TEFL from the English Language Centre in London, England in 1996. This was a six month course I took in conjunction with working five months as a volunteer tutor at the Martin County Literacy Council in Stuart, Florida.

    Lifelong learner, perennial student of life. Actually, I have done a great deal of reading, studying, writing, and seeing the world besides the time I have spent in formal classroom education.

    Very much independent study in TEFL. For over a year and a half I spent a great deal of time researching, writing, and reading about many aspects of TEFL and language acquisition. I wrote six modules on the subject, and a long research paper of over 150,000 words. Language acquisition, classroom management, curriculum development, educational psychology, social foundations of education, cognitive development across the lifespan, history of the English Language, student centered learning, teacher centered language learning, the communicative approach, writing for academic purposes, constructing tests for students of EFL.

    State required courses for professional educators in the state of Florida.

    Many studies in various areas of knowledge. The classics. History. Mathematics. Philosophy. Geography. Human Nature. Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. Novels. Biographies. Terrorism. Peace Studies. Many more subjects.


    1995: Five months volunteer tutor at Martin County Literacy Council. This was an unpaid position teaching basic survival English to immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and South America. Sessions were held at the language lab in Spectrum High School in my hometown of Stuart, Florida.

    1996-1998: Two years professor of EFL at Yeungjin Junior College in Taegu, South Korea. I also taught at Yeungjin High School. Here I taught various levels of conversational English from beginning to level 10. I wrote tests, and administered written and spoken exams. Approaches were teacher centered and student centered, using the Side By Side textbooks series with as many as fifty students to a class.

    1998: Three months instructor of EFL at Hanil Language Academy in Bundang, South Korea. Classes were small, from three to five students. Here I taught conversation, listening, and general English. I also wrote extensive lesson plans for listening lessons. This company was going out of business.

    1999: One month instructor of EFL at 21st Century English Language Academy of the China Daily News in Beijing. Here I taught a series of demonstration lessons. The school wanted to hire me, but I declined. Classes had perhaps eight students. Most were interested in improving their conversational abilities.

    1999-2000: One year teacher of EFL at ELS-Taegu, South Korea. ELS is perhaps the best known language school in Taegu. This position required a minimum of thirty class hours per week, with students ranging in age from 15 to in their forties. They were high school and college students, people interested in studying English, house wives, and businessmen. I conducted level tests to determine the various degrees of language proficiency of different students, and to place them in classes appropriate for their individual abilities in English.

    2000: Three months teacher at Aston English School in Jinan City, Shandong Province, PR China. Students here ranged in age from six to fifty and higher, with as many as fifteen to a class. Classes were in conversational English using commercially available textbooks.

    2003-2004: One year teacher at Aojing International, Ltd., Ya Yun Cun, Beijing, PR China. The police force in Beijing needed to learn English to get ready for the upcoming Olympic games. I would travel to the main police station in Chao Yang District to teach. I taught English to leaders of departments of Beijing municipal government at Fuchingmen not far from Tiananmen. For one sixteen week semester I gave instructions for writing for academic purposes at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The main school itself had few students who were mostly well to do and younger. I used commercially available textbooks, and taught mostly conversation at the AOJING main school site, and writing.

    2003-2004: Sixteen week semester teaching writing for academic purposes at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. This happened during my year at Ao Jing. Classes consisted in university students, about thirty to a class, who were keen to improve their abilities to write articles for publication in their areas of specialty. I gave them lessons on various literary techniques, citing references, sentence structure, using supporting information for proving points, using active / passive voice structures, ethics, facts, opinion, slanted writing, semantics, tenses, and many other points.

    2006-2007: One year professor at Shandong Electric Power International School in Taian City, Shandong Province, PR China. Classes were large at SEPIS with more than fifty at a time. Students ranged in age from sixteen to twenty-five, and were there to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for obtaining occupations in the electronics industry. English was a required course. Many students were quite indifferent to the prospect of acquiring a second language or any part of one. Our textbooks were geared for writing and reading. I transformed available texts to meet the requirements of conversational English. I did manage to put together a system of short-term attainments that was successful in motivating some of the most uninterested students to participate. Most all of my students did quite well on their exams.

    2007-2008: One academic year at Subhan Air Force Institute of Languages in Kuwait: Ministry of Defense. (DLI) Educational Holding Group. At DLI-Kuwait we taught general English. We wanted balance between the four skills. Usually, more weight was given to reading, listening, and writing, and oral reading with emphasis on the acquisition of new vocabulary, an increased understanding of and use of grammatical structures, increased ability to listen with comprehension, and speaking with proper stress, intonation, and pronunciation. Great stress was placed on meaning and language. Classes ranged in size from one student to ten, perhaps more. They were members of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces and the police. We used standard, American-made, DLI texts. I taught vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, writing, pronunciation, spelling, and idioms. I wrote lessons for supplementary materials. I corrected tests, and invigilated for the MCT and the EBQ. I helped to develop materials by transforming videos from the internet for use as materials for instruction. I graded tests. This was a highly intensive course which covered quite a lot of information in two weeks that other schools require four to eight weeks to complete. 

    2008-2009: Seven months at DLI, Subhan Air Force Base Institute of Languages in Kuwait. Educational Holding Group. 

    2010-2011: Six months teaching Business English (ESP) at the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies in Sana’a, Yemen. This was an interesting venue for teaching ESP. The school is famed for teaching Arabic to international students, and to the personnel of the various embassies in the city. I was at the British embassy the morning militants attempted to assassinate the British deputy ambassador to Yemen. In March, after snipers shot and killed 50 antigovernment demonstrators, and wounded about 300 more near YCMES, students decided it was too dangerous commuting through barricades and checkpoints into a low-intensity war zone to take lessons in English. The English program closed. We left.

    2011-2013: Nearly two years teaching EFL at university preparatory year schools at locations in the Middle East. King Saud University, Al Jouf University.


    Extensive travel to thirty-seven countries.

    Twenty-six months in Europe.

    More than nine years in Asia.

    Nearly four years in the Middle East.

    Bicycled more than 39,000 miles through nineteen countries.

    At release of American hostages from Iran.

    Survivor of the worst railroad disaster in the history of Ireland, August 1, 1980.

    U.S. Army commendation medal. Ireland.

    Hobbies: Travel, Writing, Transcontinental bicycling.


    (1) Genesis of Terror— 1990, a novel, fiction, 260 pgs. 70,000 words. Events leading to an act of domestic terrorism in the USA.

    (2) The Last Great Bicycling Tour— 1997, travel adventure, non-fiction, primary source information, 250 pages, 108,000 words. A 4,500 mile bicycling odyssey through Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the United States.

    (3) Reading Listening Speaking Writing: The Four Component Skills Of English Taught Separately And As An Integrated Whole In The Second Or Foreign Language Classroom— 2000, academic writing project, non-fiction, 270 pages, 150,000 words.

    (4) Several travel journals on long distance bicycling tours, nonfiction, all primary source information.

    I am sixty-three, a grandfather of two, and father of four, including two daughters, Mary 13 and Christine 12, who live with their mother in Florida.

    John G. Shaw, BLS TEFL

    Available to come from the United States on or after June 15, 2014.



    Contact in US: 1-772-485-9844

  10. NiharikaBisht says:

    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Niharika and I live in India. I have just completed my last year of school ans I want to apply for an English Language teaching job In Iran. I am 18 years old and I am fluent in English.
    Will I get a job as an English teacher? If yes, how can I apply for the job?

    Please Help.

  11. Alireza says:


    I am Alireza from Kurdistan,23 years old and i have been teaching English for over a year
    I am not applying for a job but i just want to help those teachers who want to teach English in my city.so whoever wants to teach in my city i will certainly

    • Matin says:

      I would like to work as a teacher for English or any other level in Iran. I am a Bangladeshi national and had 10 years experience in teaching also graduated from London. I also have 2 years teaching experience from a private college in London.

    • EFL teacher says:

      I would like to take up your offer of help, rezabbasi@talk21.com if you would like to talk further.
      Thank you in advance

  12. Mo Mario says:

    I’m Canadian citizen, hold Master of English, TESOL & PGCE teaching certificates, bilingual English & Arabic instructor / lecturer. I’ve a long ESL/EFL teaching experience in Canada, Middle East, Korea and Saudi Arabia, which makes me very comfortable working with different kinds of people of all ages and expert in English preparatory year program to better prepare students for university study …. I’m inquisitive, very energetic, dependable, and self-motivated. I’ve worked & lived in several Arab states and Asian countries & can approach issues / problems from different cultural perspectives.
    My special interest in academic management and teaching has arisen from my background in both the corporate and the academic worlds. Having taught and managed English language programs in South Korea, Kuwait, Indonesia & Saudi Arabia universities. My experience has emerged principally from developing English language courses and from executing such programs in the classroom. My methodology has been developed upon the notions of confidence and the empowerment of language.
    I have served in the capacity of teacher & head teacher, school principal & ESL coordinator, also I established and managed schools in South Korea as well. My 20 years of International teaching experiences in Canada, South Korea, Kuwait, Indonesia and in Saudi Arabia have inspired a simple philosophy: I seek to instill confidence in my students with a humorous and understanding attitude. I am interested in one of these job vacancies: principal, headmaster, manager, assistant manager, TOEFL English lecturer, IELTS English lecturer, general English lecturer or English teacher. If you have other subjects that you require me to teach, kindly tell me & able to offer the following experiences:
    – Conversational English program (cep)
    – Intensive communicative English program (icep)
    – English program (ep): all content subjects taught in English
    – English preparatory year program (pyp)
    – English lessons for elementary, high school students & adults,
    – Basic, intermediate & advanced English,
    – Academic (university & study abroad) English,
    – TOEIC, TOEFL & IELTS English test preparation,
    – Business English & communication skills, all levels,
    – Ability to teach hospitality, oil industries & aviation English,

    So if you are seeking a talented individual who stays abreast of his field as English instructor & business management lecturer, who understands how to teach, who earns 100% students & management supports, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer.
    My resume & supporting documents will be ssent on request for your information & consideration. Appreciate your time for reading this material, and i am looking forward to hearing from you in this regard, thanks.
    All the best,
    Mario mo. Aboodolweh
    Canadian TESOL consultant,
    Skype: momario1947
    Cell: +62 81284736830

  13. nastaran says:

    Hi every body
    I live in Tehran and many of my friends and i are looking for a native speaker for a private advance Eng class…

    you might like to contact me whenever you were in Tehran:npnp201@yahoo.com

    tanks in advance nastran as a femail

    • Davidarnison says:


      I’m a qualified, experienced English teacher, currently working at a university in China. My teaching experience spans thirty years in seven countries. Through experience and further study, I have constantly modified my method of teaching spoken English. Now I have a methodology based on the ‘Communicative method’ and the ‘TPR method’ that is very successful.

      I would need a work visa to stay in Iran, can you advise me how to obtain this visa.

      David Arnison.

  14. Shakil says:


    This is shakil and i m looking for a TEFL teaching job in any Asian countries or Iran,
    i have done Post graduate Diploma in Teaching English as foreign language and now i m doing Masters in TEFL and my Thesis is going on and i have already done Graduate with Functional English.

    I am looking for a job in any country. i can speak in English Fluently. please help me if you know any institutes or any organization need English teaching job, they can catch me on my email.



    email: shakilbhatti917@hotmail.com

  15. Joanna says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a native English speaker with a basic working knowledge of Farsi. I hold a B.A. degree in Spanish literature and also in international relations. I would greatly like to apply for a teaching position in Iran, preferably the northern region. Please contact me at joannaleefischer@gmail.com if you are interested in my resume. Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Joanna Fischer

  16. Fatima says:

    hello there everybody
    my name is Fatima,and i live in Tehran ,ive taught Engligh for 5 years ,and i have a BA degree in English literature ,at present im teaching in IranMehr inst. im looking for some better job opportunities and also being in contact with a native English living in Teh if poss.
    love u all.

  17. Davidarnison says:


    I’m a qualified, experienced English teacher, currently working at a university in China. My teaching experience spans thirty years in seven countries. Through experience and further study, I have constantly modified my method of teaching spoken English. Now I have a methodology based on the ‘Communicative method’ and the ‘TPR method’ that is very successful. My hobbies include sailing and sailboat building; a teaching position in an Iranian coastal town would suit. I am available to start from July 2015.
    English is my native language.

    David Arnison.

  18. aliamini says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Ali Amini from Iran.I am a Persian teacher and writer with over 10 1/2 years of ESL experience.I am currently working in Tehran.I have taught every age and every level and would greatly appreciate the chance to work in your country.If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at tarjoman.123@gmail.com and I will respond immediately and send you a more updated CV.

    Kindest Regards

    Patrick Woodcock

  19. jay says:

    I am a certified bilingual (English/Spanish) teacher from the USA. I am currently teaching in California and have 8 years of teaching experience both abroad and in my home state(California). I am deeply interested in teaching. English or Education classes at an University or College in Iran. My master degree emphasis is in second language acquisition. Any of you kind people have any information please contact me.

  20. ThorstanG says:

    Hi there, I’m interested in teaching English in Tehran. For the past five years, I have been a journalist working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve decided to take some time off and travel and would love to settle down in Tehran for an extended period of time.
    I have a strong command of the English language and have excellent communication skills.
    Prior to becoming a journalist, I taught English in Mexico.
    Please email me at thorstangerlach@gmail.com and I would be happy to send you my CV and references.
    I look forward to hearing back from you and thank you for your time.

  21. Hamid says:

    Hello to all,
    I own a small language school in Karaj (25 miles from Tehran). I am 40 , Iranian citizen previously living in the US. I am the only teacher here at the moment .

    I’ll be happy to share my experience with those willing to live and/ or teach languages here in Iran. Please email me if you think I can be of any help. hamid.razgandhi@gmail.com

    Hamid Razgandhi

  22. JoshuaMoody says:


    I am an American ESL teacher looking for work in Iran, preferably at a university or international school. English is my native tongue and I have six years of experience teaching it in various subjects, including rhetoric, ESL, communications, and composition. I have both an M.A. and B.A. in English Language and Literature, as well as a 190-hour TESOL certification (in-class and accredited). Most recently, I taught ESL at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, from 2013-2015. I also taught ESL at a private children’s academy in South Korea in 2011. If interested, please contact me at josh.michael.moody@gmail.com for a CV and other documents. I look forward to working in Iran and experiencing the famous Persian culture firsthand!


    Joshua Moody

  23. Daniel Bucolo says:

    Hello, I am a third year American Undergraduate Student at the University of Delaware. I am currently studying International Relations, Arabic, and Islamic Studies, and Farsi in my spare time. I currently hold a position at our University’s English Language Institute as a Teachers Assistant and am also a teachers Assistant for our schools Arabic Language program. I am interested in taking part (in any capacity) with an ESL or even elementary/intermediate level Arabic program in Iran either over the summer or after my graduation in the Spring of 2017. If there are any openings either paid or unpaid I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity.

    Daniel Bucolo

  24. Peter says:

    God bless you all, we need as many good English teachers in Iran as possible! The Bahais of Iran appreciate your support for English as the auxiliary language for the modern era. All are very excited about the opportunities for business with Iran, and to finally be able to open doors into the former Persian long-time ally of the West.

    Religious people will feel at home in Iran, a place of much faith and love for the Law. Despite the negative stereotypes broadcast abroad about Iran and its government, the people often do not feel that way about Iran or the world. My personal experience is with Russian language, and the pace of changes of the new era are remarkable, indeed. The enlightenment of the world is clearly afoot.

    My purpose of commenting today is to encourage everybody to not be afraid to travel to Iran for ESL or other business opportunities, because the pace of change is quickly accelerating!



  25. Sasan Taymourian says:

    Iran is very stable and it is so safe that you can walk down the streets in a huge city like Tehran after midnight and feel secure. I don’t understand why you wrote that it is unstable and has security problems.

  26. Jzaidi says:

    A big hello to everyone.IM very keen to teach English in iran specially the children of Iran. At present I’m in omàn. I’ve taught many children in different cities.im MBA. MY SPECIAL msg is for Mr.Hamid as if he consider me to teach English in his city.my email jzaidipk@yahoo.com if anyone interested pleas do contact me Thanks. Muhammad Jafar

  27. Bella M. says:

    Hello everyone!
    My name is Bella,Im from Hungary, but I have been living in Iran for 3years.I have basic Farsi knowledge. Im interested in teaching English in Tehran. No matter what age you are at. Children and also students are welcomed. Please email me for more details!

  28. freeman30 says:


    I,m a 32 Iranian Architect – English teacher and technical office civil engineer with over than 2 years experience in teaching English and 7 months experience as a hotel receptionist in turkey and 3 years experience in constructing-designing and technical office civil engineering in Malaysia-Iraq and Iran, I have read about your job vacancy and I,m really pleased to work with you and if so I,ll be available after 3 weeks.
    Here,s my resume , i would appreciate if you could inform me through this E-mail or you can call me on 09309009259.

    yours sincerely

    Behzad Freeman

  29. Abid says:


    Thank you for your helping comments on this forum.
    I am from Canada. I am interested to contribute my professional linguistic experience, education, knowledge and academic skills as an English Language Instructor in Tehran, Iran. I have a Master degree in TESOL from a University in England. Kindly help me with your kind advice to find a job in Tehran, Iran.

    I am a highly successful, self-motivated and dedicated individual with solid professional linguistic experience, education, knowledge and academic skills. I have worked as a Head of Linguistics Department, English Language Coordinator and English Language Lecturer at various prominent universities and academic institutions in several countries. I have taught range of English language courses including academic English, business English, academic writing, reading, listening, speaking, grammar and pronunciation using effective teaching approaches and methodologies. I have contributed my professional linguistic experience, education, knowledge and academic skills in developing English language academic courses, syllabi and exam papers for various universities and academic institutions. I have solid background and experience in evaluating textbooks and teaching materials at international standards. I have facilitated learners of all ages who wanted to get help in writing their academic assignments, projects, thesis, and research proposals. I have performed an excellent academic, managerial, administrative, leadership and collaborative role for creating a superior student learning experience as well as establishing and maintaining best teaching and learning environment to achieve desirable academic goals at several prominent academic institutions in various countries. I have a valuable contribution in mentoring and counseling students to improve their motivation towards education and to achieve their academic goals.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Email: abidmashraf@hotmail.com

  30. hardworkwork says:


    My name is Comron Fallahian. I was born in Seattle, WA and lived in the United States until 2003. I spent nearly ten years in South Korea teaching, working and studying Korean. I returned to San Diego, CA in 2012 to get my MBA and teach ESL. After completing my MBA in 2014, I moved to China and spent three years in China teaching and learning Mandarin. I am in California finishing up my MA TESOL at California State University San Bernardino. I have a few more classes and I will have my second MA Degree. I have a passion for teaching and learning languages. I am looking for a university teaching job in Iran. My email is comronf@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Sincerely, Comron Mohammed Fallahian

  31. seebzameeni says:

    I don’t know who wrote this article or when it was written, but I’d like to point out that this article is fear-mongering. I am from Canada and spent 3 years in Iran and there is no danger or threat of security. In fact, the Iranians take even greater care of foreigners. It would be lovely to teach there someday.

  32. Niloofar says:

    Hi everyone

    We are hiring new teachers , anyone who is interested
    Please contact me through this email ASAP
    As we’re recruiting just few teachers, the priority would be
    With the ones who apply earlier
    Cheers to you all!

    • aeesalat says:

      Hi, everyone
      I’m a male English teacher who has taught English in the high schools of Iran for 19 years. I’m interested in teaching English to the private adults or young students at any age or working in travel agencies or even teaching English or Persian to the non-native Persian speakers in all over the world. Please email me at: aeesalat@gmail.com

  33. Aussie says:

    I’ve taught English at Iranian companies, universities, ESL institutes and privately in Tehran for several years all without a work permit – no one cares about that. Iran is not a country where institutes will sponsor you for a contract from overseas so don’t bother even looking, it’s very rare. It’s not cost effective for them and there are tons of teachers here that are quite good. So, you have to come here on a tourist visa. The negatives: traffic and driver behavior, pollution, language barrier, expensive hotels and not that good, low pay for ESL teachers, gray bland cityscape, government bureaucracy. The positives: good money in private students, low cost of living, great food, couch surfing, easy teaching environment, you’ll be appreciated, cheap transportation, cheap tourism, awesome historic places and museums, great snow skiing and cheap, friendly helpful people, most of them honest, distinct culture and customs, very low violent crime, personal safety is very good even at night in most places.

  34. Aussie says:

    Aussie who has taught English in Iran for several years: Iran schools etc rarely sponsor native speakers unless you are German for the German international school here. You have to come on a tourist visa or try to secure a multipurpose visa for 1 year after you get here – don’t worry about a work permit, not an issue. If you are a native speaker you’ll get a job your first day here if you want it. My advice, don’t do that. Get a few private students while you travel around. ESL teacher salary is very poor and not worth your trouble. Cost of living is cheap; great food; you have couch surfing, cheap tourism, great transport; and it’s very safe even for women with the exception of driver behavior in traffic. The culture and customs are life in Iran is a worthwhile experience.

  35. Alex says:

    Hi everybody

    I am looking for a native english teacher for private class who has lived in USA or Canada for a long time
    With a good salary .
    My email address is :

  36. Pari_Saa says:

    To my fellow, eager Iranians;

    I am a 27 year old Iranian female who has lived and grown up in Canada for the past 21 years of my life. I am currently back in Tehran for a few years and would love the opportunity to share my love and skills in the English language with anyone eager and excited to learn the language. I have over 10 years of experience working with children from the preschool age to the grade 12 level, and have over 5 years of teaching business English to adults. I have gained my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in a renowned University in Toronto, as well as my TEFL certificate. I’d be pleased and excited to be of assistance, so please do not hesitate to contact me at +989981021435 or via email at parisa_b@live.com.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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