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Make Money Teaching English Online There are more and more opportunities to make money teaching English online. At present (December 2016) these usually involve teaching Chinese children at set hours of the day, but you can often choose your schedule in advance if you need to fit your online teaching work around other commitments.
How to Find Your First TEFL Job By the time you have finished your TEFL course you will probably already have a good idea of a country or region of the world that you would like to teach in.
ESL Hiring Seasons for New English Teachers When looking for a new TEFL job, it is very important to bear in mind various different hiring seasons around the world.
Teaching English Abroad and Dealing with Culture Shock Culture shock is a remarkable phenomenon with both positive and negative aspects. When a person moves to a new country for any length of time, he or she will certainly experience it to some degree.
Teaching English Abroad With Student Loan Debt Not only does the thought of student loan repayment throughout much of their adult lives deter some from going to university, it can also make some great potential TEFL teachers worry about whether or not they will be able to afford to teach overseas.
Teaching English Abroad in Muslim-Majority Countries A lot of trainee TEFL teachers wonder what it might be like to teach in a Muslim-majority country such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Teaching English Overseas Without Previous Teaching Experience A very common question by people first looking in to the possibility of teaching English abroad is whether or not they can become overseas English language teachers without previous teaching experience or a teaching-related degree. The great news is that it is not just possible but absolutely normal.
Learning the Local Language Some people considering becoming an overseas ESL teacher worry that their lack of host nation language skills may present a serious problem when they embark upon their new adventure. For example, without intermediate level Mandarin or Cantonese, how would one survive on a day-to-day basis in China?
Top ESL Teaching Destinations for 2014 Here are our top 5 picks of worldwide destinations for teaching English in 2014. Do you agree? Which 5 countries would you choose and why?
Tips for Teaching English Online There has been much discussion by professionals in the education sector about the extent to which the internet and online teaching will revolutionise the industry in the coming years. Indeed, the industry is already changing thanks to free and widely-used online audio-visual communication software programs such as Skype.
Introduction to English Teaching Terminology An introductory list of words, phrases and abbreviations used by English language teachers and students.
Upper and Lower Age Limits for Teachers of English Overseas As in most employment sectors, there are certain age restrictions in place for employment as a teacher of English overseas. The number of different rules itself is as large as the number of countries you can teach in, and in many cases there are both lower and upper age limits.
Teaching English Abroad Together With Friends or as a Couple Teaching English overseas with friends, a spouse or partner is actually very common. There are several clear advantages to doing this.
Non-native Speakers Teaching English Many job adverts you will read on World of TEFL and on other English teaching sites around the web will specify applicants must be ‘native speakers only’. What does this peculiar phrase mean and why is it used?
Teaching ESL Without a University Degree If you have spent a reasonable amount of time looking at adverts for English teachers, you will have noticed that a large number of them mention that applicants should have a degree.
Is ESL a Lifelong Career? There is no escaping it. Teaching English overseas has a reputation for being a transitory, or stopgap, sector of employment. Indeed, even students themselves sometimes ask you what your ‘real job’ back home is!
Life after TEFL Assuming you do return one day, what kinds of jobs might be suitable for you after having spent several years teaching English abroad?
Facing Discrimination When Teaching English Abroad Just last month an advert for a TEFL teacher position in China was posted on the World of TEFL website. What was unusual was the request for Caucasian applicants only.
Teaching English at Summer Schools Every year there are many short-term teaching opportunities at Summer Schools or Summer Camps. These are usually residential activity-based courses in which English is the only language used from morning until night.
ESL Teachers Working Illegally Overseas Without The Correct Paperwork It is very, very common for English native speaker teachers to be employed without the proper work visas and, very often, without an official contract of employment.
Medical Bills and Health Insurance When Teaching English Abroad Quite rightly, a common concern expressed by new ESL teachers is what might happen to them if they got ill when teaching English abroad. What kind of medical treatment would be available and who would pay the hospital bills?
Teaching English Abroad When You Have Your Children With You When most people think of the typical TEFL teacher they probably think of a single person with few ties back in their home country or family responsibilities. However, there are plenty of teachers working overseas who have taken their dependants along with them.
How to Leave a TEFL Contract Before You Have Completed the Term Some TEFL teachers worry that when they sign a contract, usually for one year, they must complete that year with that particular company, no matter what.
Settling In and Making New Friends When Teaching English Abroad In the beginning, it always looks like a big step to take when you are contemplating teaching English overseas for the very first time.
Which TEFL Jobs Include Free Return Airfare? One of the great benefits of being hired from overseas is that you will have a good chance of being offered the cost of your return airfare as part of your contract.
What To Do With Your Pet When Moving Abroad to Teach English The number of people going overseas to teach English is increasing every year, and so more and more teachers are having to decide what to do with their pets.
The Best Countries For Making a Lot of Money Teaching English as a Foreign Language It may come as a surprise to some that teaching English abroad can, in the right circumstances, be very lucrative indeed.
Is it Better to Find a TEFL Job Before Moving Overseas or Once I Have Arrived? Whether or not it is a good idea to find a job teaching English overseas before you arrive depends largely on where you would like to teach. Different countries have different rules and regulations.
How to Choose the Ideal Country to Teach English Abroad In There are opportunities to teach English in approximately one hundred different countries worldwide. That is quite clearly a huge number to choose from. How can you make the right decision about which country to teach English in?
How To Stay Safe When Teaching English Abroad Going to a foreign country is always an exciting experience. It will also be a little daunting to begin with, as you learn to adapt to your new surroundings.
Teaching English in English Speaking Countries A lot of TEFL teachers wonder what the English language tuition market might be like back in their home country. Just how easy is it to find work teaching English in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada?
Who Studies English as a Foreign or Second Language? There are lots of different types of TEFL classes and each student has his or her own reason for studying the English language. ESL students come from a wide range of backgrounds.
Why is it Important to Get a TEFL Certificate such as the CELTA? In these economically difficult times for young and old people alike, many wonder if they can teach English abroad without spending money on a TEFL certificate. In actual fact, there are several reasons why it is unwise to attempt to teach English without first studying towards a certificate.
Can Teachers from Outside the EU Teach English In Europe? If you happen to be from the United Kingdom or Ireland you have a huge advantage over other nationalities when it comes to teaching English in Europe.
The Difference Between Online TEFL Certification and In-Person Courses In the past few years there has been a sharp increase in the number of soon-to-be English teachers enrolling on online TEFL certification courses.
The TEFL Jobs Market Overview The jobs market for English language tuition is huge, and growing. Approximately 20,000 TEFL job vacancies are advertised every single month. That’s almost a quarter of a million per year!
Finding Accommodation When Teaching English Abroad A very important part of settling into your new life as an English teacher overseas is finding a suitable place to live.
The Various Types of Education Institutions a TEFL Teacher Can Work In There are so many English teaching job opportunities around the world that it comes as no surprise that there are also many different types of education institution that you can work for.
How to Make a Great CV or Resume When Applying to Teach English Abroad The demand may be very high for English tuition from native speakers in several parts of the world, but only those candidates with excellent tailor-made CVs (Curriculum Vitaes) will get short-listed for the best TEFL positions.
Saving for TEFL and Getting the Support of Your Family The cost of a TEFL certification course is considerable, and many potential English teachers need to ask for support from their close family.
The Quickest Way to Become TEFL Certified and Start Teaching English Overseas Many people considering teaching English abroad wonder what the time-scale might be. How quickly can they be in a different country teaching English?
An Introduction to TEFL Certification TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you want to teach English abroad you need to get a TEFL certificate.
The Documents and Visas that You Need to Teach English Overseas Each country has different rules and regulations when it comes to employing foreign workers and the type of work visa and other documents you will need depends to a degree on your own nationality.
Typical Salaries of English Teachers Abroad As with most jobs, teaching salary is an important factor which helps determine whether or not it is a good idea to sign a contract of employment.
Critical Thinking Skills as Part of Teaching English Abroad At some point in your ESL teaching career, you might notice that certain skills that we take for granted in most western countries are almost alien concepts in some parts of the world, and vice versa.
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